Grilling Kofta Kebabs

Kebabs are very famous throughout the world, whether you are in Asia or Europe you will find them. Almost every types of restaurant are serving Kebabs. They are available in food streets as well as in fine dining restaurants. There are various varieties of kebabs, but my personal favorite is Middle Eastern Kofta kebabs. They are must to try; you will never forget the taste. Today we will discuss the recipe of these delicious kebabs.

First thing you need to buy is meet, go to your butcher and ask him for one pound of ground beef and half a pound of lamb. You can buy any tender cut of beef, I prefer top sirloin its tender and cheap. For lamb, you should have the meat from his legs. Now mix both type of the meat properly.

For ingredients, you will need one medium sized yellow onion quartered, two cloves of garlic, one whole bunch of parsley stems removed, one slice of bread (toasted until browned and soaked in water until tender) and two lemons. For spices one and a half teaspoon of ground all spices (Mediterranean spices), a half teaspoon cayenne pepper, a half teaspoon of green cardamom, a half teaspoon of sumac, a half teaspoon on ground nutmeg, a half teaspoon of paprika.

Now place all of the vegetables onions, garlic, bread, and parsley and chop them until chopped very finally. Now add this paste, all the spices, juice of two lemons and all the minced meat on the food processor. Make sure to remove any excess water from the meat before mixing. Now mix until not all of these ingredients are mixed.

Remove the mixture from the food processor and place it on a large bowl. Take a fistful portion of the meat and mold it on a skewer. If you are using a wooden skewer make sure to soak them in water for at least an hours so that they don’t burn in the gas grill. Once all of the skewers are ready, lay them down on the tray with parchment paper.

Now start the gas grill, make sure to check the gas level of the propane tank but if you have a supply of a natural gas than you don’t need to worry. Turn on all the knobs of the gass and ignite the fire with help of lighter. Now clean the grates of gas grill and apply little bit of oil. Then heat the gas grill on a high flame for about ten minutes.

Now once your gas grill is hot enough turn the heat to medium and grill the kofta kebabs using best gas grills for four minutes on each side. When one side of the kofta kebab is grilled properly, turn it to the other side, apply the mixture of butter and chopped parsley with the help of a brush over the seared side.

Once your kebabs are ready, serve them immediately with pita bread, a Greek yogurt and a Mediterranean salad.

Why Choose a Cold Press Juicer

A recent advancement in the juicing industry has been the slow juicers or the cold press juicers. Also called the masticating juicers, this new technology is designed to provide its users with the freshest, most nutrient rich juices which can be stored for longer than traditionally extracted juices. Let’s look at some comparisons between cold press juicers and traditional juicers.

Basic Difference in Working

Cold press juicers have a metal screw auger which crushes fruits and squeezes them to extract juice. For those wondering how this is different from a traditional juicer, called centrifugal juicers, it is the metal auger which makes the distinction between the two. Centrifugal juicers have metal blades in place of an auger which spin at very high speeds to slice fruits to extract juice from them.


The metal screw auger in cold press juicers rotate at low revolutions per minute such as 40RPM or 60RPM. This slow spinning rotation speed is what sets the cold press juicer aside from traditional juicers because it ensures many elements essential to juice quality such as low heat emission and less oxidization. In contrast to this, centrifugal juicers are high speed juicers which have metal blades which spin at great speeds to process fruits. This high speed accounts for heat emission and sucking in air making the environment inside the juicer susceptible to oxidization. Although the motors of both slow and centrifugal juicers run at different speeds and RPMs, the overall time taken for both juicers to process the final batch of juice is on average similar.

Market Juices

You may be tempted to not spend money on a juicer as they are worth hefty amounts. Instead, you might be inclined towards regularly purchasing store-sold, factory-made juices. Generally store bought juices are not as nutritionally rich as the juice which you extract at home. Often they have preservatives and artificial flavor in them. Not to mention the sugar content in market juices peaks in unhealthy amounts. Organic and cold pressed juices cost a lot in stores, and a better long term solution would be to spend once on a machine and not have to spend again in the market.

Nutritional Content

Each part inside a cold press juicer is designed to protect the juice from harm such as early degeneration, oxidization, and damage to nutrients. The slow rotating metal auger in the juicer is responsible for not emitting as much heat as the metal blades of centrifugal juicers which means that the enzymes inside the juice in a cold press juicer are more immune to heat damage. Furthermore, cold press juicers have special installations and adaptations to ensure that they are air tight such as their fine strainers, closed valves, and augers which do not encourage air to be sucked inside as they rotate. This prevents oxidation of the juice as it is being juiced. Both these benefits of less heat and oxidation prevention mean that the minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants inside the juice are better protected from losing their potency. This means that the juice will be healthier, thicker, and have a longer shelf life. Not only this but juices processed in cold press juicers also taste better than regular juicers.

Effectiveness of Massage Chairs for Losing Weight

With the passage of time new technology is evolving in various fields of life. Such is a case for massage therapy as well; previously people had been going to massage centers for massage treatment but presently massage chairs are helping people in getting massage. It has even been believed to be fruitful for reducing your weight. Though this is not simple and easy and just sitting over the massage chair will not reduce your weight. Weight loss is not achieved only by sitting on the massage chair; you need exercise and need to adopt good eating habits. Massage chair will make you fit and reduce your weight.

If you are fit and smart then you feel good about yourself. There is a connection between health and mind. Frequent massage treatment on the massage chair makes you healthy and smart. You will have a soothing feeling by using it. Before adopting the weight loss program, you have to start exercise on a daily basis and take care of your diet.

Our body is mostly made of water; when we exercise and change our diet out body starts excreting the excess water retained in the body. Eventually, our body starts reducing weight.  Simultaneously, massaging during this period would help you in releasing this excess water from the body and tightening your muscles.

With exercises and diet control program you can do a lot but regular massaging would clean and remove toxic materials out from the cells and eventually from your body. This is not possible with exercise only. Massage, exercise, and diet can make you slim, fit, and healthy. Massage therapy also helps in increasing muscles tone. Regular use will make your muscles strong which will help in burning out your calories. Massage therapy will remove unnecessary fat from the body. Massage chair bursts your fat capsule, once the capsule bursts then easily it get absorbed and excreted from the body.        

The key to losing weight is enhancing the metabolism level. If the level of metabolism is high then the body will be able to easily perform the normal bodily processes. Regular use of massage chair aids in increasing the blood circulation in your body. This enhances the metabolism which aids in losing weight.

Typically, a massage chair is used for getting relief from pain. It has different types of massage techniques embedded in it which enables it in providing the right type of massage according to your needs. Your massage chair not only relieves your pain but aids considerably in burning the unnecessary fat accumulated in your body at the same time. It is advised that you must exercise regularly because it leads to making your muscles tighter and stronger and make sure to read best massage chair reviews before ordering them so that you can have in complete details about the massage chair. This reduces the buildup of lactic acid, resulting in pain reduction. These massage chairs make your life healthy and fit. They are beneficial for pain relief, stress and anxiety management, relaxation, and weight loss. However, gaining these numerous benefits requires coupling the use of massage chairs with a proper balanced diet and regular workout routine.   

Myths and Facts about Pressure Cookers

Many people have been evading the use of pressure cookers due to the widespread myths surrounding them. It has been a general belief that pressure cookers are not only unsafe to use but the food cooked in them is also not safe to eat. Here we present the myths and facts related to pressure cookers so that you may decide yourself whether a pressure cooker is useful for you or not.

This is a common belief that when food is cooked in the pressure cooker there are chances of losing vitamins and nutrients. This is not true while cooking food in the cooker. In the cooker, when temperature rises, so does the pressure inside the cooker and this cooks the food faster. If you cook the food openly with high heat for the longer time, naturally this will leak all vitamins or nutrients out. In the pressure cooker, there is pressure inside the cooker which simultaneously cooks the food and does not evaporate the nutrients of the food.

A cooker is energy efficient; it takes less energy in the pressure cooker to cook as steam does not escape out. It is generally estimated that pressure cookers use one third of the time and energy required for cooking as compared to other conventional cooking methods. Moreover, it uses lesser water to cook and you may put a meal for the family in much lesser time. Even the spices and flavors used while cooking in a pressure cooker are used in a lesser quantity as pressure cooking enhances the flavors and using more of the spices would make the food taste stronger. Simultaneously, speed is the most important thing that’s why people want to use it. In meal preparation for the family, saving time is important for all of us. These modern electric pressure cookers save more than 70% of our time while we are cooking in the healthiest way.

Another myth related to pressure cookers is about their use being unsafe in terms of the cooker being exploded. Modern pressure cookers come equipped with a number of safety features which ensures that the pressure cookers are extremely safe to use.

What should I buy: Blender or Food Processor?

When it comes to grinding or chopping food, one might think a machine with a jug and a blade should be enough to process just about any kind of food. If you haven’t spent much time in the kitchen you’ll say that a food processor and a blender are both jugs with a blade and should therefore perform the same tasks. Although this description is true in simplest terms but keep reading and you’ll learn that they have some glaring differences and are for that reason used for separate purposes.

What is the best food processor to purchase? One which is capable of slicing, mixing, chopping, shredding and pureeing is one you want to buy. Food processors come with attachments for slicing and shredding. These are the tasks which otherwise require intensive labor such as mixing dough or shredding cheese or slicing vegetables. If you have tried any of these tasks you will be aware that they are time-consuming and tiring. A food processor is a large flat bowl with blades at different heights so that one can cut at the bottom and one above it.

Blenders work better with liquids. The shape of the jug and the blades at the end enable to push the solid pieces down and blend them with the liquid. If there is not enough liquid, a blender will not work properly. Blenders work with liquids better than food processors. If you’re looking for something to make a smoothie or soup then pick a blender. If you are looking for something to work with more solid food for example to make dough, or chop/slice vegetables or cheese, or grind bread crumbs, then you want a food processor.

The difference is not just in what they do but also in their size. Blenders usually come in smaller sizes than food processors and are not capable of holding enough liquid. Commercial food processors comes with extra large bowl capacity and they can be used for large amount of food. Also, you cannot utilize the maximum capacity of a blender jug because if you fill it to the rim it will overflow while blending. You can only fill it up to say three-fourth of its maximum capacity without the danger of overflowing. Conversely, a food processor has a large capacity and usually comes with attachments of smaller bowls and blades so as to suit your requirements. 

Differences aside, both are an inevitable part of any kitchen and make work a lot easier and quicker. If you are regularly working in the kitchen and have the money then have both these equipment at your disposal, it will make your life much easier and you will be spending much less time in the kitchen. But if you have the money to buy only one of the two then ask yourself what do you make more often and want help in? Is it smoothies or soup? Because if it is then buy a blender. If you are working with dough, butter or vegetables more often, than a food processor is what you are looking for.

How to Care for your Countertop Blender

Countertop blenders are very useful appliances in a kitchen. They help with numerous daily blending activities. Many high end blenders not only help with blending but with whipping, whisking, chopping and grinding as well. Such a useful tool requires special care as well so that it can give optimum performance for years to come. Follow these steps to keep your blender in good shape and to increase its life.

  •  When adding ingredients to the blender jar, first add the liquid ingredients, next add the softer ingredients and last add the hard or frozen ingredients or ice. Only add hard food if your blender is capable of blending it. Read the manual carefully. If your blender can crush ice, it will be stated in the manual. If it is not stated do not try to crush ice or any other hard food with your blender.
  •   Even if your blender has a tightly secured lid, it is generally a good practice to hold down the lid while blending. This will prevent the lid from coming off by accident and food splattering into the surroundings.
  •   Do not let the blender run continuously for more than a couple of seconds as it risks burning of the motor. Run it for a few seconds, turn it off then run it again. Pulse is a good option for most blending tasks.

  • Do not fill the blender completely. Leave some space to allow for expansion. Also if you fill it completely, the motor might not be able to handle the load. Fill it to not more than two-third its capacity to avoid food splattering and any damage to the motor.
  • If your blender has multiple settings, use them for their specific purposes. For example use the ‘ice crushing’ setting when you add ice to the blender and ‘chop’ setting when you want to cut fruits and vegetables into smaller pieces. Using the correct settings will also prevent the motor from wearing down.
  • After every use, clean your blender right away. Do not let food stay in it for too long as you will then have to do extra effort to remove dried food stuck to it.
  • To clean the jar, pulse it with water and some dishwashing liquid. Then rinse it thoroughly.
  • If your blender has dried food stuck in the jar put some baking soda mixed with water into the jar and run the machine for a couple of seconds. Food should come off easily now. Use the same procedure if you want to get rid of food odors from your blender. 
  • Do not immerse the blender base in water. If it has food stains on it that you want to remove, wipe them off with a damp cloth.
  • Do not use stiff brushes to scrub your jar or blender because this will leave marks or scratches on the surface.

Follow these steps to keep your bender clean and its performance up to standard because once you have purchase a blender that can be used for making best smoothies click here, recipes and helping in many ways in your kitchen, you should not want to spend money over and over in buying the same thing. It should serve you for at least a couple of years. We hope this guide will help you with for choosing the best blender..

Top Selling Waist Trainers to get slim look in 2018

Waist trainers are garments worn around the waist for reduction in waist size. They are increasingly becoming popular among women all over the world because of its effectiveness. Many companies have started manufacturing these garments and many choices are available in the market. Here are the top 2 Waist Trainers available in 2018:

Camellias Women’s Latex Waist Trainer Corset for Weight Loss

It can easily be wrapped around the abdomen and provides the required compression to give you an instant slimming effect. It is comfortable to wear during workout, sports, work or sauna. This waist trainer belt is made with Flex-boning technology which provides the functionality of a corset. Its adjustable velcro closure band promotes compression around the abdominal area. The material of the belt and the compression capability stimulates sweating around the waist area which speeds up the weight loss process. It is an excellent choice for women who have just had a baby and are looking for ways to get their pre-pregnancy belly back. It provides support to your back and waist and will make your belly flat in very little time. It is also an ideal choice for people with back pain as it provides support to the sides and back which helps with the pain and improves posture. The material is flexible, breathable, easy to clean and does not have any adverse effect on your skin. 

Burvogue Waist Trainer, Women’s 9-25 Steel Boned Latex Cincher Underbust Corset

It provides an instant slimming effect by making your waist appear more than 3 inches smaller. Its high compression capabilities enhance sweating around your abdominal area which enhances weight loss especially when worn during workout. It is suitable to be worn while going to the gym or playing any sports. It is an ideal choice for everyday wear and can be worn as an undergarment to make you appear slimmer. The product features 9 steel bones to support your torso and give you the hourglass figure you are looking for. Its core is made from durable Latex and lining is cotton to enhance comfort. 3 hook-and-eye closure allows easy adjustment of size. The product is also ideal for people who are looking for back support and posture improvement. For a comprehensive buyer’s guide on waist training feel free to visit waist trainer comparison table.

Accessories for Xbox 360

Accessories for Xbox 360

Ever since Microsoft has launched the new Xbox 360, its fan club has been growing steeply. Those who enjoy video games understand what Xbox 360 has to offer to feed their passion for games. Playing with an Xbox 360 gives you the experience that is matched by none of the other gaming devices out there. Sometimes your Xbox 360 comes as part of a package or a deal along with some useful accessories to enhance your gaming experience even further. If your Xbox 360 came alone or if you want an accessory which was not present in the package, you can easily purchase it at a store which sells accessories for Xbox 360.

Controller is already present with your Xbox 360 since you will not be able to play any game without it. However, if you play games with friends, you will need an additional wireless controller to enjoy the experience of multiplayer gaming.

Most Xbox 360 packages will include a headset. But the included headset will not provide the highest quality audio. Many companies manufacture modern varieties of headsets but the one from Microsoft tops all of them. The headset by Microsoft is wireless and delivers an unmatched audio.

If you play racing games often, what you need most is an Xbox 360 steering wheel. The experience it delivers for your racing games is close to actual real life racing. Instead of simply operating the controls, you will be making use of all the muscles in the palm of your hand just like you do when driving a steering wheel of a real car. Not only will the steering wheel give you a fun experience but it will also boost your performance, pose new challenges and create more excitement. Best Racing Wheel for xBox One – Reviews & Top Picks will give you all the information you will need to find the perfect steering wheel to go with your Xbox 360.

No one should face a scenario when you are on the climax of a game and the batteries run out! To eliminate any chances of such a disaster you could find for yourself the Play and Charge Kit by Microsoft. You can easily charge the batteries while you are playing or while the Xbox 360 is off. The kit will automatically stop charging when the batteries have charged completely.

These were only few of the most popular accessories that are available for being used with Xbox 360. You can also find many other Xbox 360 accessories which did not make it to this article. All the additional gear is simply there to enhance your experience and provide you with as much fun as possible.

Ultimate Golfing Experience

Get Ultimate Golfing Experience with Quality Golf Shoes for Men

Are you a golf player or you are a beginner in golfing? That does not matter at all in this case. In many sporting activities there is a special outfit required and for a specific purpose. Golf is not an exception in this case.

Golf is one of the sports that many people do not think it requires a special type of dressing. The truth is that you really need to have the right outfit if you want to accomplish anything great when playing golf. It is not any different from games like rugby or football.

If you are among the people who are wondering why they should look for the best men’s golf shoes then here are some of the things that make shoes in golf one of the important sporting gears.

Why are proper men’s golf shoes important?

  • Get Stable

on groundIf you think stability is not an issue in golfing wait until you are about swing your club. For you to be able to apply the kind of drive required then you need to be stable on the ground.

When you try to swing a club especially with bare foot then you might fall or lack enough force. If the ground is wet then you might end up falling. This is one of the major reasons why golf shoes are recommended.

As a result of their design, golf shoes provide any golf player with the kind of stability that is required. They are made of spikes that help a player by preventing them from sliding.

  • Balance

Without enough balance then you cannot play golf. Unlike other sports where the player might move around once in a while, in golf the players have to remain in the same position. As you do anything such as swinging your club then balance is required.

To help maximize on the balance, most of the golf shoes are made with a large base. This creates a bigger surface area hence increasing the balance.

  • Comfort

Everyone wants to be comfortable in what they do. This is why comfort is one of the things that golf shoes are designed to increase. All golf shoes are made to make you as comfortable as possible.

Since there is considerable movement when playing golf, the shoes are made with materials that will make sure that you are comfortable all through as you move around. Since you have to walk for long distance and the whole day the shoes are made with good materials that all entry of enough air. Other type of golf shoes are waterproof. You should look for the best depending on your needs.

  • Help You With Flexibility

shoesIf you have used shoes in football or other sports such as baseball you will know that there is limited flexibility. This is because these type of shoes are made to hold you at the same position.

Golf shoes are very different. They are made in a design that will increase the flexibility of the player. This will enable you to move or turn without any problem. In golf some of the games are played on hilly and sloppy areas. As a result, proper golf shoes are important.

  • Confidence and self-esteem

If you are a fun of sports you will agree with me that there is nothing boring like lacking confidence and self-esteem. When you are going to a competition you really need to be confident and self-motivation.

There is no way you will have confidence if you have the wrong sport’s gear. The right gold shoes will provide you with enough confidence.