Grilling Kofta Kebabs

Kebabs are very famous throughout the world, whether you are in Asia or Europe you will find them. Almost every types of restaurant are serving Kebabs. They are available in food streets as well as in fine dining restaurants. There are various varieties of kebabs, but my personal favorite is Middle Eastern Kofta kebabs. They are must to try; you will never forget the taste. Today we will discuss the recipe of these delicious kebabs.

First thing you need to buy is meet, go to your butcher and ask him for one pound of ground beef and half a pound of lamb. You can buy any tender cut of beef, I prefer top sirloin its tender and cheap. For lamb, you should have the meat from his legs. Now mix both type of the meat properly.

For ingredients, you will need one medium sized yellow onion quartered, two cloves of garlic, one whole bunch of parsley stems removed, one slice of bread (toasted until browned and soaked in water until tender) and two lemons. For spices one and a half teaspoon of ground all spices (Mediterranean spices), a half teaspoon cayenne pepper, a half teaspoon of green cardamom, a half teaspoon of sumac, a half teaspoon on ground nutmeg, a half teaspoon of paprika.

Now place all of the vegetables onions, garlic, bread, and parsley and chop them until chopped very finally. Now add this paste, all the spices, juice of two lemons and all the minced meat on the food processor. Make sure to remove any excess water from the meat before mixing. Now mix until not all of these ingredients are mixed.

Remove the mixture from the food processor and place it on a large bowl. Take a fistful portion of the meat and mold it on a skewer. If you are using a wooden skewer make sure to soak them in water for at least an hours so that they don’t burn in the gas grill. Once all of the skewers are ready, lay them down on the tray with parchment paper.

Now start the gas grill, make sure to check the gas level of the propane tank but if you have a supply of a natural gas than you don’t need to worry. Turn on all the knobs of the gass and ignite the fire with help of lighter. Now clean the grates of gas grill and apply little bit of oil. Then heat the gas grill on a high flame for about ten minutes.

Now once your gas grill is hot enough turn the heat to medium and grill the kofta kebabs using best gas grills for four minutes on each side. When one side of the kofta kebab is grilled properly, turn it to the other side, apply the mixture of butter and chopped parsley with the help of a brush over the seared side.

Once your kebabs are ready, serve them immediately with pita bread, a Greek yogurt and a Mediterranean salad.