Myths and Facts about Pressure Cookers

Many people have been evading the use of pressure cookers due to the widespread myths surrounding them. It has been a general belief that pressure cookers are not only unsafe to use but the food cooked in them is also not safe to eat. Here we present the myths and facts related to pressure cookers so that you may decide yourself whether a pressure cooker is useful for you or not.

This is a common belief that when food is cooked in the pressure cooker there are chances of losing vitamins and nutrients. This is not true while cooking food in the cooker. In the cooker, when temperature rises, so does the pressure inside the cooker and this cooks the food faster. If you cook the food openly with high heat for the longer time, naturally this will leak all vitamins or nutrients out. In the pressure cooker, there is pressure inside the cooker which simultaneously cooks the food and does not evaporate the nutrients of the food.

A cooker is energy efficient; it takes less energy in the pressure cooker to cook as steam does not escape out. It is generally estimated that pressure cookers use one third of the time and energy required for cooking as compared to other conventional cooking methods. Moreover, it uses lesser water to cook and you may put a meal for the family in much lesser time. Even the spices and flavors used while cooking in a pressure cooker are used in a lesser quantity as pressure cooking enhances the flavors and using more of the spices would make the food taste stronger. Simultaneously, speed is the most important thing that’s why people want to use it. In meal preparation for the family, saving time is important for all of us. These modern electric pressure cookers save more than 70% of our time while we are cooking in the healthiest way.

Another myth related to pressure cookers is about their use being unsafe in terms of the cooker being exploded. Modern pressure cookers come equipped with a number of safety features which ensures that the pressure cookers are extremely safe to use.

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